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Livejournal Secret Santa 2003's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Livejournal Secret Santa 2003

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[27 Jan 2003|11:51pm]

I still haven't received my package. I'm very disappointed.
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[04 Jan 2003|07:12pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Woohoo! I got a great gift of make-it-yourself gel candle stuff!! Love it!! A big thank you to my Santa! :)

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[30 Dec 2002|11:58am]

[ mood | excited ]

Wee! My Secret Santa Gift just came! a pretty perywinkle fairy!
Thank you Santa! *Hugs*

showing off my gift!Collapse )

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Who has yet to get their gift? [29 Dec 2002|01:39am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

I am hoping that at this point at least most everyone has recieved their gift. If you have not yet recieved yours, please reply to this message to let me know. Also, if you have not yet sent out a gift to whomever you were supposed to send to, reply here.


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Received? [28 Dec 2002|06:24pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I sent out my gift on the 12th and I have yet to hear if it was received. I've checked here and in their personal LJ. Should I ping my person to ask if they got it?

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[27 Dec 2002|12:07am]

I haven't received my gift yet :(
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[26 Dec 2002|07:34pm]

tyrsalvia, did you receive the Amazon gift certificates I emailed you on 12/17/02? I never got a return receipt from the email, so I sure hope you got your gift. If you didn't, please let me know.


RE: my gift -- I received it the early part of December, by the way. Thanks, Stacy!
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Gift Received [26 Dec 2002|01:16pm]

I received my gift on Tuesday. Thank you very much. My guess is that myheaven is my secret santa. I could be wrong.
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To the reciepent of my gift.... [26 Dec 2002|08:46am]

I dont know if you have received it yet or not but it has been deleivered by UPS. A guy in the apartment office named Marshall signed for it.
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got it [23 Dec 2002|02:21pm]

Ok so I am like a 5 year old. I couldnt wait to open it hehe. I love it!!! You didnt say wht your LJ name is but thanks to the girl in NC=)

P.S. LOVED the card ;)
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GRRRRR [21 Dec 2002|01:33pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

I received my gift from my Secret Santa today. Got the notice in my box... went to go get it and the PO closed at noon. AHHHH I have to wait until Monday!!! Also.. according to the site that sent my gift to my giftee (is that a word) it is due to deliver the 23rd. Just in time but damn thats pushing it!

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package sent and received! [21 Dec 2002|01:01pm]

I got my package and I also sent mine out yesterday (12/20/02)!
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[19 Dec 2002|02:56pm]

I received the package from my match in Glasgow. Thanks.

I'll be sending packages to both my matches this afternoon.
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Eee! [19 Dec 2002|06:12am]

[ mood | happy ]

I got mine!

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[19 Dec 2002|03:59am]

my package has been sent!
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Sent! [12 Dec 2002|01:08pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

My gifts have been sent now!

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yay! [12 Dec 2002|08:12am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I sent mine this morning!

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[12 Dec 2002|08:17am]

Mine has been mailed!!!!!
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[11 Dec 2002|09:48pm]

whoa! I got my secret santa gift already! wow! :D

btw... are we supposed to reveal who we are to our secret santas?
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[10 Dec 2002|01:18pm]

[ mood | mischievous ]

Okay, mine's in the mail.


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